Plot points

Each player begins with 1 plot point. During a session, a player can spend the point for one effect.

A player can spend a point to add some element to the setting or situation that the group must accept as true. For example, a player can spend a plot point and state that his or her character has found a secret door. The player to his or her right must then add a complication to the scene. Continuing the example above, the next player may decide that opening the secret door that triggers a magical trap, teleporting the party to another part of the dungeon.

A player who wants to spend a plot point in this way should take a minute to discuss his or her idea with everyone else at the table and get feedback before settling on a plot development. The player to the right should confer with the DM before deciding on a complication.

A player can spend no more than 1 plot point per session. Once every player at the table has spent a plot point, they each gain 1 plot point.

Plot points

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